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This is the face of a recovering  ACHIEVEMENT ADDICT. Yes, that’s a real thing. And it’s a real addiction. 

One that many successful, wealthy, ambitious people suffer from in silence to the point of self-destruction. I should know, Achievement Addiction almost did me in. 


But let me back up:


I am a former NYC corporate lawyer, psychotherapist, executive coach, serial entrepreneur and the author of

"ACHIEVEMENT ADDICTION DETOX: 7 Steps To Creating the Life You Deserve Without Killing Yourself.”


I graduated from Princeton University magna cum laude, went on to get my law degree from The Georgetown University Law Center and as if that wasn’t enough went on to earn my master’s degree in clinical social work from The NYU School of Social Work, complete a fellowship in psychodynamic psychotherapy, receive my certification as an executive life coach while also launching my first coaching company, Lawscope Inc., all within the same year. Oh yeah... and I did it while raising two small children! 


• Does this craziness to achieve, achieve, achieve, sound vaguely familiar to you? 

• Does it sound like someone you love...a friend, a colleague?

• Do you have the sneaking suspicion that despite all their achievement, they are suffering and on the verge of collapse? 

Well, you would be right! Because this isn't healthy ambition---this is ACHIEVEMENT ADDICTION


There is a long, sordid, and ultimately triumphant story, that I am excited to share with you about how my seemingly enviable Madison Avenue, airbrushed-perfect, breezy “you can have it all”  life as a closeted Achievement Addict came crashing down all around me and how I came to be who I am today, an author and coach...ready to start a life-altering conversation with YOU about ACHIEVEMENT ADDICTION

“Life without vision is  joyless."

Let's work together to bridge the gap between 
where you are now and where you deserve to be.


Let's work together to...

  • Redefine success on your own terms,

  • Create more autonomy in your work or life

  • Reinvent your career

  • Recover your health and sanity

  • Reignite your passion and vision after years of burnout and disappointment 

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and chronic negative self-talk

  • Discover what really rocks your world and makes you feel, healthy and alive


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